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Diana Corona 

Hello! My name is Diana Corona, a Los Angeles based photographer and I welcome you to my world of photography.  My passion for photography began during my hiking days with my younger sister, she would take her camera and I my camera phone. It became a habit to capture every single moment in my life that meant so much to me at the time that was captured. As time passed, my hobby became something that I wanted to pursue in life. Being a mother of two also drove my decision to become a photographer. I mean, I haven't met a mother yet that doesn't take a photo of their children every single second! I know, I'm exaggerating here but you know what I meant. All fun and games. As a mother, I have captured every single moment of theirs, from the day they were born, lost their first baby tooth, to their first day of school. Memories to cherish forever. My husband, my biggest supporter. If it wasn't for him, I would be in the position I'm in. He believed in me. He believed in the fact that I had the capability to make my dreams come true. Even though I had my moments of failure, he managed toughen me up and encouraged me to push forward. He is now my second photographer. We're a family of four, work full time, school, with priorities at home and have a photography business. Small business but hoping to flourish into a business than in the near future will become a family business that can be handed to our children, grandchildren etc. Our main goal is to provide the best quality images to you all and capture every single smile, hugs, tears of joy, laughter, you name it. Every capture is a time capsule. You hold that one split micro second in your hand, a memory that not only you can say that you have the image in your head but to hold it in your hands and picture it so vividly. This is when you have the ability to Live In The Moment. - Diana C.

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